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Have you ever eaten at Kenny Shopsin's diner when in NYC? And if you wanted to do so, were you granted entry? He sounds like how my friend Mimi ran her diner on Bathurst. the "no serving assholes" po0licy.
- asked by Elaine
I did eat at Shopsin's in the Essex Market in NYC a year ago and I loved it. I have not watched the "I Kill Flies" doc but I have read about his and his staff's propensity to throw out people who talk on cell phones or behave in ways they find unacceptable. While he has a huge menu and reputation the place itself was very small. I sat at the counter and had Mac and Cheese pancakes with Hatch (green chillis) and a side of sausages. The pancakes were served with fake maple syrup and hot sauce. I made sweet sweet love to them with my mouth. The server was nice to me and Mark Shopsin seemed cool too. I guess their 'asshole alarm' was on the fritz that day because I left without incident.
Thank you from Zane


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