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My quasi-anti-semitic friend Jamie just said over lunch today that there is no good Jewish food. I stared at him with an incredulous look on my face and said, "Are you nuts? What about deli? What about Schwartz's (Jamie has lived in or near Montreal in the past)?" He replied that deli isn't Jewish, and that there's nothing specifically Jewish about smoked meat. I stared at him with an incredulous look on my face and said, "Are you nuts? Of course deli is Jewish, and of course smoked meat is Jewish." Then we went to wikipedia and I showed him the names of all of the famous delis that are all Jewish names. He still wasn't convinced. Then a Facebook invitation came in asking me to join this group, and it seemed like perfect timing, hence this question: Is deli Jewish? Also, can you list some of your favourite Jewish foods?
- asked by Jeremy Gruman
A wise woman once said that arguing with an idiot is like pissing into the wind. A better strategy is to pee on the idiot. Tell your friend Jamie to wear something waterproof.
Thank you from Zane


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