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what is the best after hours spot for a foodie (no Chinatown suggestions allowed xo)
- asked by Carmen Correia
Toronto has a dearth of late night spots to eat. There's the Lakeview Lunch on Dundas and the Thompson Hotel too. There are some 24 hr Pho joints but I've never tried them. I know of a few others but using the "if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing", I'll say nothing. I can also tell you that a few weeks ago I saw the Thomas D'Arcy band at the Horseshoe. Afterwards we had a great after party in his rehearsal studio. Around 3 or 4 am a few of us were feeling peckish. None of the aforementioned places seemed to excite anyone. "You know," I slurred, "I own a restaurant. Let's go." Hopped a cab, sped to the deli and made smoked meat sandwiches for my friends. The moral of the story? Party with me and you might just get to experience #DeliAfterDark
Thank you from Zane


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