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How do I make incredible latkes?
- asked by Megan
Mazel tov on your desire to not just make latkes but to make incredible latkes, Megan. It's not that hard to do and if you stick to the classic method you can't go wrong. Unfortunately, I don't exactly (ever) use recipes, rather to go by look and feel so you might have to do home hitting and missing with the following. That is, the quantities below are total bullshit. Here are the ingredients you'll need: 6 Potatoes 1 Onion grated 1 Eggs beaten 2 tbs Matzo Meal Salt and Pepper to taste Oil for frying Grate three of the potatoes and puree the other three. Using a cheese cloth, squeeze the water out of the potatoes. After squeezing, combine the grated and pureed spuds. Grate the onion. Squeeze out the water. Combine the onion with the potatoes, eggs and matzo meal, salt and pepper. Let stand for half an hour. For frying, cast iron works really well. A nice medium high heat works. Ideally you'll use a combination of schmaltz and olive oil but if you only have olive oil, that's fine too. I like 3 in latkes that are crispy on the outside but a little soft inside. I urge you: make one latke first. If it's too runny add more matzo meal. If it's too stiff, add another egg. After frying: blot on paper towel and then taste. Adjust salt and pepper. Don't forget to thank me.
Thank you from Zane


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