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Hi Zane. What would you consider your ideal woman?
- asked by Butter
When I was a little boy, my Papa Sam (mother's father) took me on his knee and told me something I've never forgotten. "Zeindle," he said, "people will tell you that it's important to marry a nice Jewish girl. Ignore them. It's more important to marry a nice rich girl." (aside: "zeindle" means "little one" in Yiddish and it's also close to my name so i got called that by parents and grandparents.) I never took my Papa's advice. A lovely man but not someone who's relationship advice one should bank on. Instead, Butter, and I've thought about this long and hard. Well... maybe not that long but certainly very hard. I like smart, sexy women. And if she's compassionate? We could do wonderful things together. P.S. I am single.
Thank you from Zane


Zane is not responsible for screwing up your life if you take his relationship advice. Please take all answers with a light heart and an open mind. Zane is not a psychologist, biologist, dermatologist, botanist, or specialist of any kind in anything other than Deli. Even then, he's not perfect, but strives to be. Zane takes no responsibility if you take his advice seriously, because, well, he doesn't take his own advice seriously.