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is your food operation, including curing and smoking of meat entirely BPS free?
When you say BPS, Michael, you mean "Bisphenot S", right? According to Wikipedia: "BPS is used in curing fast-drying epoxy glues and as an corrosion inhibitor. It is also commonly used as a reactant in polymer reactions. BPS has become increasingly common as a plasticizing agent following the widespread bans on the use of BPA due to its estrogen-mimicking properties, and BPS can now be found in a variety of common consumer products.[2][3] In some cases, BPS is used where the legal prohibition on BPA allows products containing BPS to be labelled "BPA free".[4] BPS also has the advantage of being more stable to heat and light than BPA.[5]" Not sure how I could use that stuff while curing or smoking meat or why I'd want to. No, Michael, we're BPS free. Zane
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