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Hi Zane! My family and I came from London to visit Toronto, and your deli, last week for the first time. We had a truly ‘awesome’ (as they say in Canada) meal at Caplansky’s, and my Dad especially enjoyed his visit. Having grown up in a Jewish household the menu brought back many fond memories of family meals for him. There are no restaurants of this sort in England really and dad’s never quite been able to re-create the meals that his mother made him as a child. Having only met her when I was very young (she lived in Canada and passed away several years ago now) I have hazy memories of her, so it was like a little glimpse into the family’s past watching him eating latkes, lox and Challah to his heart’s content and hearing stories about their Friday night dinners. Anyway, enough of the life stories – my question to you is: would it be possible to order a Caplansky’s T-Shirt to the UK, to give to my dad as a gift? He tried to buy one last week but you were all out of mediums…. (Had we been in Toronto for any longer he probably could have fitted the XXL you had available at the time, but alas we are now back to London and a slightly healthier diet…) Thanks Zane – can you tell food is the way to the Arnold family’s heart?! P.S. If you ever fancy branching out further than TO, you’d have a LOT of fans in London. Keep Jewing it up, we certainly will. Merry
- asked by Merry Arnold
Hi Merry, Thanks so much for your question and for letting me know about your experience. The quick answer is yes. Simply email and she'll be happy to coordinate your request. The longer answer is that I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know how much you and especially your father enjoyed your visit to the deli. From Day 1 I've been aware that there is a certain amount of nostalgia in what I do. Helping people uncover lost memories of food and people past brings me so much joy. Thanks for sharing that with me. :)
Thank you from Zane


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