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Re my question about WHERE CAPLANSKY'S DELI is ~ not where YOU are! ~ and your answer, let me ask again clearly: What is the address of Caplansky's Deli? It's not obvious when you click on "Caplansky's Deli" and it should be if Caplansky's Deli wants new customers. Long-time customers will know where they are, new ones, prospective ones, won't. I'm just trying to be helpful. Every click for Caplansky's Deli should have its address. 'Ya want new customers? Make it easy to locate your whereabouts! So, my new question: How come when you click on "Caplansky's Deli" you can't easily find out where Caplansky's Deli is?
- asked by Jane
I mentioned it to my web guy and this was his response: If she was on Ask Zane there is no contact page… on purpose. Why would they be contacting you except to ask a question? On the Caplansky’s web site, we have the address at the Contact Button and every page on the footer. And when you click on the contact us page the first thing you see is the map and the address. On mobile the address is front and center since I assume people are looking at you on their phones to get your address. Steven Does that help?
Thank you from Zane


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