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Hi Zane! I am a big fan! I work at a dental office in the city, infinity Dental. We were brainstorming different marketing ideas to draw in new patients and I thought of my favourite sandwich place. See we are not in the highest foot traffic location. We are in the lower Simcoe and Bremner area but our office is in a corner spot that can not be seen easily. I was thinking if you guys could park Thelma in front of our place at lunch we could get all the people from the new PWC building to come to our corner. We could post up signs letting everyone know when you will be here. We were also thinking we could offer you and your staff some dental services ie cleanings, whitening etc. Please let me know what you think. I would love for my idea to work out :) Cheers, Gina
- asked by Gina
Hi Gina, Thanks so much for your message. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a total sucker for discount dental work. I love your idea and it would work in just about any city EXCEPT Toronto. You see, we aren't allowed to park in front of your office unless you have a private parking lot that isn't a licensed pay lot. I'm assuming you'd want us parked on the street. Please correct me if I'm wrong. You see, the City of Toronto won't allow food trucks anywhere on public streets. We can only be on private property and not in paid parking lots either. Now if your dental office were in one of the four city parks...
Thank you from Zane


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