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re: Dating ... I have worked restaurants & hospitality for years, but dating is always a problem .. guys that serve fine dining are either gay, lazy or not very good and I take serving seriously, I want my guests to pay their bill, enjoy their meals and either come back or send more business ... do you have a list of available local guys without 'online dating '...
- asked by Stacey
I dunno Stacey. I've never dated fine dining servers but I can't imagine they're all either "gay, lazy or not very good". Have you thought about breaking out and dating non-servers? I think a teacher would be nice to date. Or a taxi driver. Avoid writers, concert promoters and gymnasts. Seriously, I try and avoid matchmaking. I simply have nothing to offer. I also avoid giving relationship advice. When your marriage only lasted 50 weeks and you can't keep a girlfriend for more than 3 months, you are unqualified from helping others find and keep love. On the other hand, I can give great date place ideas. Good luck in your search.
Thank you from Zane


Zane is not responsible for screwing up your life if you take his relationship advice. Please take all answers with a light heart and an open mind. Zane is not a psychologist, biologist, dermatologist, botanist, or specialist of any kind in anything other than Deli. Even then, he's not perfect, but strives to be. Zane takes no responsibility if you take his advice seriously, because, well, he doesn't take his own advice seriously.