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Hi Zane, I was interested in your article in the star the other day about food truck bylaws. We are a Toronto startup that provides online ordering systems for restaurants. We think there may be a way to partially get around the bylaw problem via online ordering, but just wanted to get your take on the current legal position of the city of Toronto. My understanding was that if you had an agreement with a private land owner then you were ok to vend, is this not the case? You can call me on 6477876795 to discuss, otherwise email is good. Thanks, Pete
- asked by Peter Drennan
Hi Peter, The current food truck regulations in Toronto are antiquated at best and certainly ridiculous. You can get a business license quite easily but you can't get a permit to park on public streets. You can park on private property with the landlord's permission IF its properly zoned AND there are no BIA objections AND your staff have criminal background checks and proper licensing. Crazy.
Thank you from Zane


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