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Why is the City of Toronto continuing to make it practically impossible for a Food Truck business to thrive. I had Ontario's first neopolitan pizza oven on a trailer that i drove around to farmers markets but it was impossible to grow beyond that. I enjoy the amazing food from these trucks in other progressive cities but not here. Its an insult to have to park your truck on private property like the RBC building in order to avoid tickets so people can eat interesting food. Food Trucks have been proven to grow the local economy and has provided many jobs
- asked by Forno Rustico
Well said. After two years of trying to get Toronto to allow food trucks on city streets I'm convinced that the problem is the restaurant lobby. Restaurants seem worried that food trucks will take away their business. As you say, there is no evidence to prove that opinion and recent studies in NYC say the opposite: that food trucks bring more business to neighborhoods. I think the problem is mediocrity. Too many restaurants get away with providing mediocre food and service. If you provide great food, great service and great value I'm certain you have nothing to fear from food trucks or ANY kind of competition. Competition is the foundation of our economy. It ensures choice, value and quality for consumers. Any deli could open next door to mine and any burger joint could have another open next door. Instead of fearing food trucks, I suggest the worried restaurant owners get to work and make great food. Smile at your customers. Treat your staff really well. They'll see their businesses thrive and their worries disappear.
Thank you from Zane


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