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I am looking for a good brisket recipe. Can you help me out? Thanks Rick
- asked by Rick
Do you mean braised or smoked? I think braising is the easiest. In a deep roasting pan on the stove top sear both sides of a brisket until golden brown. Add 6 sliced onions, 2 heads of crushed garlic, black pepper, bay leaf, 12 whole black pepper corns, some chilli flakes and enough crushed tomatoes to cover half of the brisket. Add water or preferably chicken stock until the brisket is just covered. Cover pan with tin foil and put it in a preheated oven at 280 for 6 hours. After 6 hours take it out and see if the meat is fork tender. If not, put it back in for another hour or two. You want to be able to cut it so it shouldn't completely fall apart. Remove the brisket and strain the braising liquid. Put the strained liquid in a pot and reduce until you have a slightly thickened sauce. Add salt, sugar and cider vinegar until you have your desired taste. Slice the brisket to desired thickness and serve with the sauce. Enjoy!
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