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Hey Zane, I'm a big supporter of your deli. Watched you on Dragon's Den, and you were amazing. I was routing for you all the way. I have been self employed in the food business, specifically the baking industry. I was a franchisee for Weston Bakeries for 6 years running a bread distribution route. I currently run a food distribution servicing primarily grocery store. I think you Thundering Thelma is the best mobile truck out there. I would be very interested in running a mobile truck selling your products. Are you considering franchising the mobile trucks in the near future? Please reply, Mike Calamusa
- asked by mike calamusa
Thanks Mike. We are ready to franchise our food trucks. Currently looking for the right person to start out with. Please send me an email to and we'll start to get to know each other.
Thank you from Zane


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