Ask Zane Anything
Hey Zane! It's my birthday Saturday and my wife and I are coming into T.O. to stay the night. Saw your place on You Gotta Eat Here and we're coming Sunday for breakfast. What menu item would you recommend? Your favourite?
- asked by Ian
My favourite breakfast item? That's like asking a father to choose among his children. The Hash is spectacular. The Howard Jack perfect for a sweet tooth. If you come after 11am you should get the Platter and sample all our meats. Knish should not be missed. Maybe some latkes? See? Don't get me started. Whatever you choose, I'm thrilled you're choosing us. I'm deeply honoured you'd choose to celebrate with us on your special day. Please introduce ourself on Sunday. And save room for desert - my treat.
Thank you from Zane


Zane is not responsible for screwing up your life if you take his relationship advice. Please take all answers with a light heart and an open mind. Zane is not a psychologist, biologist, dermatologist, botanist, or specialist of any kind in anything other than Deli. Even then, he's not perfect, but strives to be. Zane takes no responsibility if you take his advice seriously, because, well, he doesn't take his own advice seriously.