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Ok just tried truffle oil for the first time ever! Had in scrambled eggs nyc + fries, how much? Drizzle? Tbls?
- asked by Staci B.
Hi Zane: I love your smoked meat but don't live in Toronto, so it's a rare event for me. To get my fix, I'd like to make my own smoked meat (I have the tools and the know how!). But a whole brisket is a lot to consume all at once, even for me. My question has to do with preservation of the finished product. (Not any super secret Caplansky's recipes.) My plan was to dry brine, season, smoke, and then steam for final sandwich orgy. Could excess meat (unsliced) be vacuum packed after smoking but before steaming? Is this a dumb idea? If it's not a dumb idea, how long would it last under refrigeration? Sorry: That's really a number of questions.
- asked by Viking Hat


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