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the diameter of a wheel on harry's bicycle is 0.65 m calculate the circuference of the wheel give your answer correct to 2 decimal places
- asked by zoya
Lon Chaney Jr is famous for the following: (true or false) #1-Being a great horror movie actor in the 1940's-playing the Wolfman,Frankenstein Monster,The Mummy,Dracula) #2-Being the son of the great Silent Screen actor ,Lon Chaney Jr, #3-Portraying Lennie Small in "Of Mice and Men" with Burgess Meredith-1939 version #4-giving Meryl Streep acting lessons #5-Conducting the New York Philharmonic #6-cooking rabbits #7-appeared with Shemp Howard in two movies #8-writing vlogs #9-provided voice for Count Chocola #10-was favored for role in movie version of "Born Yesterday"
- asked by Marc Bernstein


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