Ask Zane Anything
Your Caplansky's Hot Mustard must be the best I've had the pleasure of trying--So far I've put that stuff on most everything--I see some hot peppers in it, but does it also contain a little bit of horseradish? Well done, and Thanks!
- asked by CW Renner
Seems like you've crossed a lot of things off your career bucket list and accomplished so much these last few years. If there was one thing you could change about your life as it is today, what would that be?
- asked by G.F.


Zane is not responsible for screwing up your life if you take his relationship advice. Please take all answers with a light heart and an open mind. Zane is not a psychologist, biologist, dermatologist, botanist, or specialist of any kind in anything other than Deli. Even then, he's not perfect, but strives to be. Zane takes no responsibility if you take his advice seriously, because, well, he doesn't take his own advice seriously.